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Mrs. Sumedha Goel, an MBA in Finance and Marketing, is a distinguished professional woman with deep-rooted values and ethics. She is culturally inclined, progressive in thought and possesses an admirable sense of social responsibility. She aims to continue the legacy of the organization “Shri Ram –Wonder Years” with a firm belief that education cannot be confined to a classroom.

This thought and vision of her has been attained as the motto of the organization –

“Do Not Go by the Books.”

The beautiful experience of motherhood motivated her ambition of fostering best practices across curriculums for facilitating modern day education. It is the reason behind her drive to assimilate the education sector with world class resources and innovations.

“I believe in creating an environment where each child is made to feel known, nurtured and unique. In present times, the physical, emotional and social growth of a child is given equal importance as their intellectual growth. The organic inquisitiveness of a child must never be subdued. One must be innovative enough to make a child learn in a way they understands.”

One must be innovative enough to make a child learn in a way he or she understands.”