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It is rightly said by Lao Tzu “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step” what matters is how the traveler negotiates all the challenges between the first step and the last one.”The seeds of the Preschool that we see today were sowed in 2016, taking root in the bustling life of Rohini. In the years since our inception, the school has attained the respect and trust of the community. Our institute thrives on its reputation and the confidence of the parents who have chosen us for their children.

As we grow , we strive to expand our outreach and better ourselves in our ability to help the children develop as well rounded, kind and independent citizens of tomorrow. The school programs are being implemented in a manner that encourage a holistic approach towards knowledge for the little learners by incorporating physical education, educational tours, field trips and eco drives into our curriculum. We believe that every child’s ability to learn and grow is unique, and we must facilitate that individuality.We have achieved a great deal in Inspiring a love of learning along with a love of reading and discovery by creating a dynamic environment where the children can thrive and learn from firsthand experiences. We have been successful in giving flight to the creative bird in all the children by ensuring the best possible utilization of a student’s talents and skills.

Our world class infrastructure on our sprawling 15000 sq. feet campus has supported our ethos and the philosophy of education. Our facilities further have been adequate enough to help us translate our vision into a play- based learning environment that is fun and educational. Our child-centric approach and a comfortable, homely environment have been the corner stones in providing an environment where children Play, Learn, Imbibe and Grow in their own way.

Through immersive training methods, regular motivation and incorporation of innovative preschool teaching methodologies, our teachers learn and explore new ideas every moment. Teachers are the pillars on which this institution stands, and we encourage them to relax, unwind and interact with one another to promote fresh ideas and build strong ties in our little community.

It is Our quality standards in child care and infrastructure that today the Shri Ram wonder years has ,under the aegis of The Shri Ram schools chosen to make a presence in North West Delhi at our campus.This is the one and only campus of The Shri Ram Wonder years in Delhi. We are now The Shri Ram Wonder Years, and together we will achieve bigger and greater things. We will take forward the legacy of love and trust that you have helped us create on this journey of development and brilliance.